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Sunshine boosts our energy levels, lifts our mood and helps us perform at our best. So when we travel between timezones, days and seasons, we just don't get enough. The HumanCharger device sends UV-free, blue-enriched white light to where we need it most, so we remain forever in sync.

Our story

Living beings are designed to rise and fall with the sun. But we extend our days, live through our nights and gallivant across the globe. Our natural body clocks are at odds with modern routines. As a result, energy levels dim, moods flatten, and our minds have to fight through a fog.

Scientist and engineer Juuso Nissila and Antti Aunio launched Valkee in 2007, to fight through the long, dark winters of their home in northern Finland. Inspired by our brain as the central ‘mood’ system and our body as the timekeeper, Valkee – the world’s first bright light headset – brings light to the parts of ourselves that need it most. So together we can exist as complete living beings – happy, focused and inspired by another day, no matter the weather or time zone.


  • Be in sync, all the time

    Exposure to light helps maintain the rhythm of our natural body clock, so with HumanCharger you always feel ‘in sync’.

  • Helps to alleviate jet lag symptoms

    Use HumanCharger for safe, effective light therapy that will have you always feeling clear and bright on your long haul flight.

  • Better sleep, better health

    HumanCharger reduces the need for excess sleep, and reduces food cravings associated with jet lag, tiredness and low energy levels.

How HumanCharger Works

Put your HumanCharger on

Just put the HumanCharger LED earbuds in your ears snugly. They’re designed to be most comfortable.

Start your light therapy

Simply push the power button and UV-free, blue-enriched white light starts flowing through the ear canals to the light-sensitive regions of the brain.

Get charged

Wear it for just 12 minutes and you’re done. 12 minutes at a time is the ideal amount of light therapy to get fully charged.


  • Convenient

    With an ergonomic and stylish design, HumanCharger is the only bright light you can carry in your pocket to use whenever, wherever.

  • Safe and effective

    Using patented technology, HumanCharger provides light therapy that is safer than the sun.

  • Well built

    With a frame built from a single piece of aluminium, the device is hardwearing and virtually indestructible.

  • Easy

    The rechargeable battery lasts for two weeks at a time.

  • Good looking

    The HumanCharger device features a sleek, small award-winning design with one-button functionality.

  • Comfortable

    The LED earbuds have been designed to be the most comfortable on the market, and fit snugly in a variety of ear shapes.


The science of HumanCharger

Travellers who use HumanCharger recover 50% faster from jet lag symptoms with improvements in mood, feelings of alertness and overall efficiency.

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